Welcoming New Stallholders

We are very pleased to welcome new stallholders who meet our standards to trade at our online Charity Fair.

Stallholder members of the Charity Fairs Association gain automatic approval. If you are not a CFA member we may need additional information. In either case please read our terms below and if you wish to work with us, send us your details on the form provided. We will endeavour to come back to you within one business day.

Obviously we would prefer you to join our vendor programme but listings are free wither you sell with us or not. All we ask is you like/friend us on

If you do decide to sell with us you can list as many products you like free of charge and we will provide you with all the assistance and technical support you need to get you started and ensure your pages are attractive as possible and begin to add you to our frequent editorial features, social media campaigns, and customer mailings.

See details of how we work below, then send in your listing/enquiry and we will get right back to you.

15% Commission on sales only. No-sales-no-fee. Commission fee includes automatic 5% donation to charity of your choice; No hidden costs or additional charges;

Fully vetted vendors and products to maintain quality

Unlimited Products with assisted uploading  and no listing fee; free vendor home page, items categorisation, grouping and product editorial;

All marketing and advertising costs included with dedicated social media product editorial and marketing team and massive segmented mailing list;

Immediate online payment with order; instant sales notification through iPhone/Android app, SMS or email;

Optional international sales in £ sterling, $ US dollars or € Euro with ability to accept/refuse international sales by country;

Full online store management through vendor control panel; including detailed sales and accountancy reports; product management, shipping fee and holiday management;

Free optional Royal Mail delivery cost calculator, including international rates and multiple item grouping (requires item size and weight information);


Check out our Stallholder faqs below. Cannot find an answer? Ask us…

Stallholders faq

What is the Returns and Refund Policy?

Returns should be accepted for defective, damaged or broken goods with a replacement offered or a full refund. No commission will be charged on returns in this category and no payment will be made to charity.

On other items (eg. wrong size; “changed my mind”; not suitable) we recommend vendors operate a 30-day returns period acceptance where the buyer pays return postage.

However each vendor can set returns their own returns and refund policies, with the additional flexibility to set different return policies for domestic and international returns. For example, you can choose to offer free returns domestically and, in the same listing, offer paid returns to an international buyer.

Ultimately how you deal with returns is your decision. It is clearly in everyone’s interest to treat customers fairly and reach agreement with your customer, but if all else fails you and your customer can enter our Dispute Resolution Procedure. Contact us for more information.

How fast am I expected to ship products? Do I have to ship every day?

We prefer you to ship daily but if you do not we ask that you manage your customers’ expectations by giving them indicative delivery dates. It is a good idea to keep in contact with your customers and advise them of delivery dates and any anticipated problems at all times.

What happens when I want to close the store for a holiday?

You can close your store at any time and reopen it at any time. Please make sure your item shipping is complete before leaving.

How do I manage stock levels and inventory?

You can set inventory and mark a product as in or out of stock through your vendor control panel.

How do I add new products? Do they have to be added one at a time?

You can add products individually one at a time. If you want to add a large number of products in bulk we can add them for you. We will need a CSV file but we may be able to assist (and provide instructions) if your files are in WooCommerce (or any other WordPress based system) or Shopify, and for many other online stores. Contact us for more information.

Can I set my own postage, packing and shipping fees?

Yes you can set the price for postage, packaging and shipping within your store management area. Alternatively if you have the dimensions and weight of your products we can automatically calculate Royal Mail and International Parcel Post pricing to almost any destination.

My products come in different sizes and colours, some of which may be at different prices. Can this be shown?

Yes our pages can show a range of product variations in different sizes with different prices if necessary.

Are there any restrictions on the number of product photographs or the length of description?

No but we prefer you have more than one photograph and we recommend you have several. Your description can be as short or long as you like.

Are there any restrictions on the numbers of products a vendor can list?

No you can list as many products as you like.

Who chooses the charity, can there be multiple charities and are there any restrictions on charities chosen?

Each vendor chooses their own charity or charities. Up to three charities can be chosen per vendor. Chosen charities must be registered with the UK charity commission.

Aside from the commission are there any other additional fees or charges?

No we only charge the 15% commission on the sale price. There are no additional listing or promotional fees. You only pay on what you sell.

What does the 15% commission cover?

The 15% commission is allocated 5% to charity and the remainder to cover Charity Fair’s sales, site, editorial and advertising and marketing costs including social media promotion. There are no additional fees or hidden charges. Our commission includes VAT at the prevailing UK rate.

Is commission charged on shipping?

There is no commission charged on postage, packaging or shipping. It is levied only on the sale price of the goods.

How quickly is payment made?

Payment is taken as the transaction completes with the vendor receiving the sale price less commission but plus postage and packaging fees immediately into their processor account (we use Stripe for processing).

What percentage of the sale goes to charity?

Of the 15% commission paid on the sale price a 5% payment is made to the charity (or charities) of the seller’s choice.

What is the percentage taken as commission?

We take 15% commission of the sale price of the product. It is deducted as the transaction is made so you receive your payment with the commission deducted. There is no commission on additional fees such as postage and packing.

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